About Our Nurseries

Foundations Community Pre-School is a Private Limited Company, formed in 2010. The Pre-School is held in two setting St Peter’s Church Centre & The New Life Church both in Old Woking.


We offer a stimulating and inviting place for the children to settle, learn and develop. The Pre-School is open 38 weeks of the year (term time only) with a range of morning and afternoon sessions. We offer places for children between the ages of 2-5yrs. Offering Early Years Free Entitlement and FEET funding across all our settings.

At Foundations Community Pre-School we provide quality childcare and education for children in a warm, caring and stimulating environment. Each child is unique and will be regarded as an individual, being encouraged to develop at their own pace and in accordance with their own stages of development. The children are treated with equality of opportunity and with the utmost respect. Their happiness and well-being is paramount. 

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We aim to create a Christian ethos and give priority to Christian teaching where relevant within the curriculum. Although not all staff are churchgoers, all are sympathetic to the Christian ethos. We are open to all children regardless of their family’s religious beliefs or affiliations.

Learning through play and self-expression will be at the heart of the day’s activities. These activities will cover the seven areas of learning, as laid out in the Early Years Foundation Stage, both indoors and outdoors. We operate a policy of Equal Opportunities and Inclusive Practice, which welcomes children from any religious and cultural background and we will do all that we can to accommodate any special requirements that this may involve.

By adopting a holistic approach, united with listening carefully to parents, guardians, carers and other respected child development/protection agencies, we will provide resources, opportunities and create the right conditions and support to enable all children to reach their full potential.


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We ensure all staff benefit from every opportunity to develop as professionals and train for recognised qualifications. In this way we aim to offer an outstanding resource in our staff as highly trained individuals in their field.

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