Why Choose Foundations Community Pre-School for Your Child?

Qualified Team Of Enthusiastic, Caring Professionals.

One parent comments, “Staff were excellent helping to settle my son at the start and worked with me enable him to feel happy to stay”. Another says, “You encouraged my daughter to be who she is at home; chatty, funny, daft and fun. A range of games and activities are always available but I think the genuine smile on the children’s arrival is priceless.


Highly Skilled And Experienced Management Team.

We currently have four staff on the Management team, three of whom are graduates, one with experience of teaching Reception Class.


High Ratios Of Staff.

We have a 1:4 ratio for 2-3 year olds and 1:8 ratio for 3-4 year olds as a minimum.


Strong Relationships Between Parents And Staff.

We were rated as ‘Outstanding’ by Ofsted in this area. One parent comments, “My son’s key person displayed a genuine knowledge of him and had put real thought into his next steps shared at Parents Evenings. I was touched by the way she had already picked up on some of the areas that I had wanted to discuss with her and how she was working to address them.”


Planning Is Created To Incorporate Every Individual Child Each Week.

This means no two weeks are ever the same as we go with the children’s interests. One parent comments that they feel we do well at “Teaching the sounds. Coming up with subjects and activities that were reflecting children’s interests.” Another parent comments, “Activities/topics are structured, interesting and creatively tied in to the EYFS. It was great having the weekly sheet, especially as my child was too young to start with to tell me what he’d been doing and learning about!”


Provision For Children With Additional Needs.

We pride ourselves in our ability to cater for children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities, including those who are Gifted and Talented.


Flexible Sessions.

From as few as two sessions a week and an optional Lunch Club.


Termly Reports And Parent/Carers Evenings.

These detail the progress your child has made in each area of their development and highlight some next steps to move them forward. We also carry out a 2 Year Progress Check for 2 year olds.


Christian Ethos.

We aim to provide a safe, caring and stimulating environment for the children in our care and implement a Christian ethos which encourages gentleness, respect for one another and traditional Christian values.


Family Atmosphere, Embracing Community.

A parent wrote, “Sending my 2 year old son to Foundations Pre-school was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I cannot mention enough how the staff are friendly and sensitive to the needs of my son as well as having supported me in trying to manage him and a newborn. “We are here to support you as well as your son,” was what I was told when I needed moral support. It was a relief to be able to talk to someone who understood the pressures without passing judgement and who could actually help out.”


Children Can Enrol From The Age Of 2 Years Old.


We provide places for 2 year olds who can claim the ‘Free Early Education’ funding (FEET). We also provide places for 3 & 4 year olds (the term after they turn 3) claiming up to 15 hours ‘Free Early Education’ funding.


We Accept Childcare Vouchers.


What Parents Say About Their Experience At Foundations Community Pre-School:

From our Parent Questionnaire, Summer 2013, 100% of Parents stated the following:

“Foundations is an “Excellent Pre-School”.

They Agreed or Strongly Agreed that “The Pre-School is led and managed effectively”.

They Agreed or Strongly Agreed that “Children have made VERY good progress”

They Agreed or Strongly Agreed that “Staff are friendly and approachable at all times”.

They Agreed or Strongly Agreed that they were “Happy with the level of communication received about their child”.


When asked what they felt we do well, Parents commented:

Communication (Communication Books, Key Person, Weekly Update e-mail, Parents Evenings), providing a fun, safe learning environment.”

“I think the weekly newsletter is fantastic. I look forward to seeing photos! It is also a great way of getting my child to talk about his day as I know what the story / theme is.” “Creating a nurturing and caring environment that stimulates the children in a wide range of areas. Listening to what the children enjoy and being led by them whilst keeping topics educational.”

“Encouraging the children to be independent and ensuring they have the opportunity to experience/practice many different life skills.”

“Learning Journey is very detailed and creatively displayed, really nicely presented too.”

“Where to start?! I cannot be happier with things at Foundations. Everyone, and I do mean everyone, is always so friendly and personable. Every time I have had a question or concern, it was dealt with immediately and professionally. I love the fact that you care as much about my child (and all of the children) as if they were your own. I love how you encourage the children to do things on their own but are always there is help when they can’t. I am very happy with the variety of things for the children to do while both in and out of school. Whenever he brings a little craft home it makes me smile. The new outside area is so much fun! And lastly, I am very happy with how informed we’re kept. Parent’s evenings are something I really look forward to and it’s nice to know that even between those meetings, I can still contact anyone and speak to them without feeling like I’m being a bother.”

“I have looked at pre-schools near our new home and none compare favourably to Foundations.”

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